Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Grapista", Correspondants episode

The Correspondants, is a documentary show of Philippine television station, ABS-CBN (2). Their latest episode is about the graffiti scene around Mega Manila and featured various local writers including the SBA CRU.

Video recorded by Fred. Please excuse the sound since it was recorded with a camcorder.





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eds said...

qxgoHi to SBA CRU! nice designs! I must say you guys do really nice art. medyo di pa lang accepted ng iba but i'm sure you'll be doing just fine! just keep on doing nice graphics on street. By d way, can you post the picture you took on Bernadette Sembrano's design. BADS. is that her "urban" name? kayo ba ang nagbinyag sa kanya nun? Pls post her picture with her design. Actually you can say it's a collaboration from you guys and BADS. Thanks a lot in advance. I'm really starting to get interested on your works. More Power to SBA CRU!