Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zeroc from Germany

Zeroc, a known graffiti writers / urban artist / tattoo artist from Schweinfurt, Germany was in The Philippines with his fiance. They went around the country from Manila to Mindoro to Banaue and so on. While in Manila, SBA's Bonz, Flip-1 and Meger did a small production in Santa Ana along with Skip and Lock from ASA Crue and Doom from CIS.

In action

Zeroc from Germany represent!

Meger finishing his piece

Meger (SBA), finished piece

Flip-1 (SBA), ethic tribal wild-style (finished piece)

Zeroc (finished piece)

Bonz (SBA), global warming theme (finished piece)

"Sob" by Lock (ASA), finished piece

"Sob" by Lock (ASA), finished piece

Doom (CIS,MUB), finished piece

Flip-1 and Zeroc represent!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Suburban graffiti competition

The Suburban graffiti competition took place in the parking lot of UP Manila in the Ermita area. Graffiti writers from around Metro Manila participated including SBA's Bonz and Rank. Other participants are Doom and Dope from CIS, Taggsign, Skip (ASA), Rezzel (PSI), Bass (PBC) and Egg from Pilipinas Street Plan. It was a fun event though some of those who competed went there just to paint. Congratulations to Taggsign who won the competition and to Bonz for getting 2nd place.

The competition poster

Authorised graffiti area!!!

Pinoy writers in action

Bonz painting some characters

Egg working on the bubbles

Taggsign fillin it in

Dope creating some effects

Doom making some high-lights

Rank working on the 3-D

Rezzel on the outlines

Skip on the 3-Ds

Bass painting some characters

Getting busy!

The judges

The crowd watches

Step-1 represent!

Artcore PBC t-shirt

Rank-1's younger brother and his "barkada"

Dancers practicing in front

PBC crew represent!

CIS crew on the front line!

A fan of Rank

Skip represent!

Representing the Pinoy Pride!

Bonz getting his certificate

Taggsign getting his price

Bonz (SBA), finished piece

Egg (PSP), finished piece

Taggsign, finished piece

Dope (CIS), finished piece

Doom (CIS,MUB), finished piece

Rank (SBA), finished piece

Rezzel (PSI), finished piece

Skip (ASA), finished piece

Bass (PBC), finished piece