Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The long updates!

There has been concern why this site is taking so long to update. For one, everybody is busy with either school or work. Plus there are some major changes in the site design. The menus is still fucked up but its gonna be fixed ASAP. For now, check out the latest flix!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting The New Year with a BANG!!!

SBA CRU starts the New Year with 2 hardcore productions! The first one was painted in Bulacan and the other is in Las Pinas.

Fish (CIS), Dope (PSI), Flip-1 (SBA), Cras-1 (SBA), Meow (SBA) (character), Fred (SBA), Sway-1 (SBA), Rook (SBA), Grim (SBA), San Jose Del Monte. Bulacan, 2009

Micro (PSI), Dope (PSI), Fate (PSI), Rezzel (PSI), Bonz (SBA), ???, Xzyle (PSI), Gatchalian, Las Pinas. Metro Manila, 2009