Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Correspondents graf session

The Correspondents, a popular documentary show on ABS-CBN made a documentary about the graffiti scene in The Philippines, particularly in Mega Manila. Their documentary is called Grapista which is the Tagalog slang to describe a Filipino graffiti writer. A small graf jam took place at the 3-D Hall of Fame in Las Pinas at the southwest part of Metro Manila. Several graffiti writers and street artists participated including SBA's Flip-1, Grim, Rank, Rook and Sway-1. Photos by Flip-1

Rank (SBA)

Ripe-1 (PBC)

James (PSP)

??? (PBC)

??? (PBC)

Grim (SBA)

Rook (SBA)

Sway-1 (SBA)

Flip-1 (SBA)

Rezzel (PSI)

Xzyle (PSI)

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