Tuesday, March 11, 2008

QC graf session @ Jason Motorworks

Jason, a former high school friend ran a motor shop and car wash in Quezon City right close to the Santo Domingo church. He decided to have his walls painted and the crew went there and did some nice pieces along with Bane from Melbourne, Australia. Photos by Flip-1 and Rank

SBA writers @ work

Meow fillin it in

Bonz in action

Sway-1 have a small conversation with Grim and Jason

The finished piece by Grim

Sway-1 in front of the "Jason Motorworks" piece by Grim

Rank filling it in

Bane in action

The finished pieces, Bane (from Australia), Meow (SBA), Flip-1 (SBA), Rank (SBA), Sway-1 (SBA), Kaz (INS-SPT), Bonz (SBA)