Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting The New Year with a BANG!!!

SBA CRU starts the New Year with 2 hardcore productions! The first one was painted in Bulacan and the other is in Las Pinas.

Fish (CIS), Dope (PSI), Flip-1 (SBA), Cras-1 (SBA), Meow (SBA) (character), Fred (SBA), Sway-1 (SBA), Rook (SBA), Grim (SBA), San Jose Del Monte. Bulacan, 2009

Micro (PSI), Dope (PSI), Fate (PSI), Rezzel (PSI), Bonz (SBA), ???, Xzyle (PSI), Gatchalian, Las Pinas. Metro Manila, 2009

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